Who We Are

Our Mission

Urban Farms of Central Ohio, an initiative rooted in Mid-Ohio Foodbank, is dedicated to transforming vacant sites in under-served neighborhoods into productive, sustainable urban farms that provide food insecure residents access to fresh, local produce, jobs and job training, and opportunities for civic engagement.

Our Work

Our urban farms operate as social enterprises to improve the well-being of community residents. Each farm works to sustain itself and raise awareness about hunger by selling a portion of crops directly to local markets and restaurants, in addition to feeding the neighborhood around the farm.

Urban Farms of Central Ohio is unique because it encourages civic engagement and community building through food assistance –making it an important addition to Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s programs and services. Residents living in the farms’ surrounding neighborhoods have the opportunity to see food grown in their community and roll up their sleeves to actively participate in the process.

About Us

Led by a passionate advisory board and a small, dedicated staff, Urban Farms of Central Ohio is committed to transforming parcels of land into thriving farms that provide fresh food, job training programming, civic engagement opportunities, and education about nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Mid-Ohio Foodbank is actively incubating and growing Urban Farms of Central Ohio as one of its key initiatives to achieve its mission of ending hunger one nourishing meal at a time and co-creating a sustainable community where everyone thrives.


Started in late 2012, Urban Farms of Central Ohio was organized and started by a dedicated group of community leaders from the non-profit, business, agriculture, and public sectors who envisioned an urban farming model that could transform vacant city land into productive community farms. The Clarfield Farm is our first urban farm.