Wheatland Farm

Where We Are

Wheatland Farm is located in Columbus’ Hilltop neighborhood on the grounds of the former Columbus State Psychiatric Hospital. The five acre property, which sat vacant for over 20 years, is being transformed into an urban farm that grows food and provides increased access to fresh produce, encourages civic engagement, and offers job skills training and education about healthy lifestyles.

About the Site

After the hospital facilities were demolished in the 1990’s, the site underwent extensive remediation to remove potential hazards, including contaminated soil. This left the site with poor soil quality for farming. Urban Farms of Central Ohio is using a large-scale raised bed growing system to grow safe, healthy food on otherwise unsuitable land for growing food.

We seek to demonstrate the viability of transforming disregarded sites into sustainable urban farms that work with the community to create opportunities for individuals to thrive. In the summer of 2015 we began to cultivate vegetables on a small portion of land. In 2016, we expanded production at Wheatland Farm to grow veggies on 1 acre, offered volunteer opportunities, and provided neighborhood residents with healthy produce through the farm stand.


To learn more about the Wheatland Farm, please contact us at urbanfarms@midohiofoodbank.org or 614-274-7770.