Fresh Produce

Our Model

Urban Farms of Central Ohio prides itself on using all natural growing practices to produce high-quality vegetables. Our model ensures that everyone, regardless of income, has access to this produce. Fresh vegetables grown on land we cultivate can be found through-out the Columbus.

Here’s how it works:

A portion of the produce we grow is made available to the neighborhood directly surrounding the urban farms. Residents in these communities often struggle to afford fresh foods so the farm provides a vital life link to many. Learn more about how we are increasing community access to healthy foods.

The other portion of our produce is sold to local restaurants and wholesalers, in addition to individuals through direct retailing through a veggie box program. When local individuals and businesses purchase fresh produce from Urban Farms of Central Ohio, proceeds go directly towards sustaining our ability to provide vegetables to those in our community who need it most. Learn more about how we are selling our produce to local restaurants as a way to reinvest in our mission.