Building Community

We are doing more than just growing vegetables at the urban farms. We are a place where people of all ages and backgrounds, come together to be in community with one another. We partner with neighborhood leaders, residents, and organizations to host farm picnics, neighborhood meetings, and tours that celebrate the culture of the neighborhood while building engagement at the farms. Together, we are creating a place that celebrates and strengthens individuals and the neighborhood itself as we work together on the common goal of healthier people and communities.

Youth Training Program

Urban farming presents a unique opportunity to address food insecurity, strengthen local food economies, and reinvest in underutilized properties. It also fosters personal engagement and growth. In partnership with local high schools, we host a community-based youth training program focused on building the professional and personal foundation for success as young adults.

Educational Field Trips

Engaging young people at our urban farms is critical to equipping them to make healthier lifestyle choices. Students are invited to tour the farm and see how food is grown, learn about the connection of farming and science, and most of all, see how they too can be part of creating a healthier, stronger community.

Healthy Eating & Cooking

At the pay-what-you-can farm stand, we strive to provide helpful food preparation tips and recipes so that everyone is equipped to prepare quick and healthy meals with our farm produce. We also seek to partner with other food distribution programs to help ensure that neighbors have consistent access to nutritious produce that is available in the community.

To get involved with our programs or to learn more, contact us at or 614-274-7770.